Charlotte-an School of Law III: In which I lose my shit.

Let’s talk about Charlotte School of Law. Again. This is the third time we’ve had to have this conversation now, after discussing their probation and the subsequent yanking of funding from the Federal Student Loan program.

Charlotte School of Law just won’t give up, planning now to transfer students to a “sister school” in Florida with private loans to allow them to finish their law school education and go on to fail the bar exam.

Officials sent an email Friday saying they’re working to help students transfer to Florida Coastal Law. It’s owned by Infilaw, the same company that owns Charlotte School of Law.

Well, that’s just peachy.  You know, aside from the fact that it’s a fucking 5 hour drive from Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville, FL, and the fact that the majority of Charlotte School of Law students are from Charlotte, and the fact that they are sending students to another fucking school owned by Infinilaw.  A school which, according to this article, has the second highest academic dropout rate among law schools.

Oh, by the way, they’re calling this a “teach out” plan.  This is pretty much an indication the school is shutting the fuck down.  That’s what a teach-out plan is:  It’s a winding-up process for the closure of a law school.  However, in classic concern for the students that they have bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the school is naturally working hard to send them to another for-profit law school owned by their corporate parent where they can repeat the process.

There are three Infinilaw law schools.  How much you want to bet 1L’s who started at Charlotte will end their career in Arizona, a step ahead of the repo man and having visited several areas of this great country in the process?.

And what sucks, what really sucks, is the “private student loan” aspect of this.  Let me be clear: private student loans are not a viable alternative.  They have all of the drawbacks of federal loans (non-dischargeability) with none of the benefits (payment plans, forbearances, hardships, etc.).  They are a cash grab for institutions to saddle students with the cost of their sub-par operations.

But that’s nothing new for Infinilaw, who proudly boasts that their three profit-mills…I mean…”law schools”

 have been nationally recognized and ranked as Top 10 or Top 20 law schools with respect to moot court programs and diversity.

You know what’s really disturbing about that?  “Diversity.”  Because if you look at their model, their LSAT and GPA rates, their bar passage, you know what they mean.  They mean they are reaching into disadvantaged groups, seeking people with dreams of bettering themselves, and choosing those within those groups who are the least likely to succeed.  They are saddling these students with massive debt and sending them out the door with a kick to the ass and a likelihood of passing the bar that’s low enough the school lost its ability to receive federal funds.  Then they are patting themselves on the back for fucking doing it.  “We’re inclusive because we prey on people with hopes and dreams from disadvantaged communities and tell them anyone can be a lawyer if they just pay us enough.”

I’m rambling, I know, but for fuck’s sake why is this even remotely acceptable?  Why is having a law school that is run by a for-profit corporation and not associated with an accredited undergraduate institution even okay in the slightest?  We have plenty of undergraduate schools, both public and private, with the administrative experience and infrastructure necessary to support a law school.  Why is that not a requirement now?  What fucking purpose does a stand-alone, for-profit law school serve?

Especially schools like this, whose very existence is conditioned on preying on those who have big dreams, but little ability to fulfill them.  No, Virginia, not everyone can be a lawyer.  Yes, Virginia, it does require actual academic and intellectual ability.  This is not the ITT Tech method, no matter how much Infinilaw and vulture schools wish it was.

To the students at Charlotte School of Law, let me say the following:

I’m sorry.  I really am.  It sucks, but if your choices are between transferring to Florida Coastal or getting the fuck out of law school now, choose the latter.  Take the hit and go do something productive and wonderful and profitable with your lives.  Don’t keep throwing money down this hole.  If your grades aren’t high enough to let you transfer to a non-Infinilaw school, your chances of even practicing law are damn near illusory.  There are plenty of careers out there that don’t require you to go six figures into debt, will make you money, and which you will actually be able to do.

To the Administrators of Charlotte School of Law:

How fucking dare you even call yourselves a part of this profession.  Lawyers do shitty things, but we do them for our clients.  We do not actively seek to prey on the weak, and to continue to encourage them to make poor decisions.  We act on behalf of our clients, not our own interest, when we take actions.  You, however, were not acting on behalf of a client, you were acting in your own self-interest, and you continue to do so with this half-assed attempt at a reconciliation.  You are a disgrace to educators, you are a disgrace to attorneys, and you sicken me…and I evicted a family of five the day after Christmas.

To the ABA:

Get.  Your Shit.  Together.  Your happy-go-lucky process of approving law schools and failure to provide oversight until after the fact has caused this fucking problem.  We are a profession, not a commodity, and it’s about time you put your money where your mouth is and start putting stricter regulations into place…and actually enforcing them.  For fuck’s sake, you have a near monopoly on this shit.  Start using it responsibly.

Now I gotta get back to work.


Author: BoozyBarrister

From a riverboat to a law office, the BoozyBarrister is a civil litigator with a bad attitude.