Charity of the Month


Each month Lawyers & Liquor is going to designate a “Charity of the Month” and encourage folks to give to that charity. Why? Because every now and again I like to wield the immense fucking power of being an asshole on the internet who has readers responsibly. Plus, it helps to assuage my guilt using other people’s money, my personal favorite way of assuaging my guilt.

For June, 2017 the charity is:

The Animal legal defense fund.

Yes, this is directly because of the goddamn furries, and also the fact that I wrote about pets and their legal status this month. So, if you want to give a bit to them I’d ask you do so HERE and make the gift in honor of “” with notifications sent to This is purely so I can keep track of how much money is being raised through the site and make an announcement on it at the start of each month.

Past Charity Drives:

  1. Save our Sneps – The Snow Leopard Trust – Over $2,000 raised through Twitter